What is Echo

Echo project is an initiative focused on research and development of a new advanced blockchain platform, which can be used as a conceptual foundation and environment for a wide range of smartcontract-based applications and services. Echo pursues a goal of becoming an advanced smart economy environment. Another major aim of Echo is to become a solid inter-blockchain platform, which would allow easy interactions with secondary and external blockchains.

Echo platform provides the following key features to achieve these goals:

  1. The new model of organization and functioning of the network aiming to boost system-wide performance and reduce transaction processing cost without loss of its distributed and decentralized nature, referred to as Distributed Decentralized Proof-Of-Stake.
  2. Innovative virtual machine based on the idea of reverse virtualization to bring advanced well-developed and well-supported smart contract development ecosystem without loss of performance of smart contracts execution.
  3. Support of vertical and horizontal integration with other blockchains through SideChain technology.
  4. Advanced account management system.
  5. Support of Smart Contracts implemented using Solidity.

Echo is developed using Graphene with integrated Ethereum Virtual Machine as a framework into which new features were carefully integrated.